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Reasons for High Temperature Discoloration of Stainless Steel Plate

Reasons for High Temperature Discoloration of Stainless Steel Plate

Stainless steel plates have high strength and hardness, as well as good plasticity and toughness. According to production methods, it can be divided into two types: hot rolling and cold rolling. There are several reasons for the discoloration of stainless steel plates at high temperatures:

The surface roughness and color resistance of stainless steel plates are also important factors affecting high-temperature oxidation discoloration. Surface roughness of 0.022 μ Products below m will not change color when baked at 450 ℃.

2. Adjust the concentration within the range of continuous acid washing to prevent changes in the composition, density, and other aspects of the stainless steel plate with the thickness of the surface passivation film. Therefore, it cannot avoid high-temperature oxidation and discoloration of the stainless steel plate.

3. By controlling the surface roughness of the work roll and leveling roll of the rolling mill, the surface roughness of stainless steel plate products is controlled at 0.022 μ Around m, and ensuring the surface chromaticity of stainless steel plates through bright annealing can reduce the high-temperature discoloration of stainless steel plates.

4. The increase in chromium and silicon content in stainless steel sheets can enhance their anti oxidation ability. When the chromium content increases to 22% or the silicon content increases to more than 2%, the phenomenon of high-temperature oxidation discoloration can be reduced.

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