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What are the forging processes and processing methods for stainless steel pipe blanks

Forging Technology and Processing Method of Stainless Steel Tube Blank

Stainless steel flange: Forging of stainless steel pipe blanks is a pressure processing method that has been used for a long time. With the development of the national economy, the forging methods of steel pipes are constantly improving, especially with the development of the mechanical manufacturing industry, which has increasingly high requirements for forging. Forging not only allows for the production of stainless steel pipe blanks with predetermined shapes and sizes. At the same time, it can transform the casting structure of metals, improve the mechanical properties of steel pipes, and extend the service life of stainless steel pipes, especially in heavy machinery where many parts require forging processing. For example, the rollers of a large steel rolling mill, the columns of a 10000 ton hydraulic press, and the rotors of a large generator. There are two types of forging, manual forging and machine forging, based on the tools used.

The tools used for manual forging are sledgehammers and anvils, which are suitable for forging small forgings with simple shapes. Machine forging is the use of steam air hammers or presses (hydraulic presses), suitable for forging forgings with complex shapes and heavy weights.

According to the deformation status of metals, there are free forging and model forging. Free forging is the process of heating a metal to the forging temperature and heating a general steel ingot (or billet) to a yellow white color (around 1200 ℃). Under the action of the hammer head (or anvil block) of a forging hammer (or hydraulic press), the metal is compressed in height, freely extended and widened in the horizontal direction, and forged into the shape and size we require. It is called free forging.

Free forging is not easy to forge stainless steel pipes with complex shapes, so model forging, also known as die forging, is used. Die forging is the process of placing heated billets in a fixed shaped die chamber to deform them. The wall of the die chamber hinders the free flow of metal. At the end of die forging, the metal fills the die chamber to obtain the desired shape and size of the steel pipe. Die forging is suitable for mass production.

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